The World Alliance of Cities Against Poverty is a

Network of Cities

working together to confront development challenges collectively


The World Alliance of Cities Against Poverty (WACAP) is a network of cities working together to confront development challenges collectively. The Alliance supports its member-cities to mobilize individuals, governments, and all sectors of society to confront the many challenges of urban poverty and to share successes - and failures - with other cities.

The potential of these partnerships is enormous. Partnership and collaboration between local authorities enable them to tap into a larger pool of resources and experiences while promoting widespread participation in development, with their partners from diverse sectors. Through WACAP, best practices are shared, adapted to local contexts and upscaled to benefit everyone.

WACAP and the SDGs

How can your city be part of the fight against poverty?

By joining WACAP, your city can benefit from the experience of other cities in fighting urban poverty, while sharing your own expertise with others, and open up your contacts and global outreach in a spirit of international solidarity. WACAP focuses on sustainable social in­clusion, providing universal access to basic services in cities. It does this in part by providing a knowl­edge platform for collaboration and inno­vation. It supports national policies and local development processes prioritized by the countries and cities themselves to achieve the SDGs.

In Focus

A High-level policy dialogue convened by UNCDF, co-hosted by Ayuntamiento de Málaga, which aims to bring together mayors, government ministers, development banks and commercial banks to discuss how to expand financial tools and capital available for local governments to bridge their financing gaps in achieving sustainable development.

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